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Worry-free MVVM with Xamarin Forms

TL;DR - Super-clean MVVM example with automatic Command status updates here

Xamarin Forms is great for writing decent looking applications on all three major mobile platforms - iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. The Xaml support and databindings are great help to keep things clean and simple.

So I am working on a Xamarin Forms project where we were in the process of choosing some framework or library to help us with implementing the MVVM pattern and more specifically the view models where it is necessary to send notifications as properties get changed. We looked at MvvmLight as well as a preview version of Prism. Both of them provide a base class which has helper methods for implementing properties with sending notifications. Here is how a simple Login view model looks with Prism

A couple of things to notice here:

In order to clean things up let's use Fody.PropertyChanged and get rid of Prism's BindableBase. If you have not looked at this MVVM specialized weaver, please take your time now to get introduced. I think you might like it. And here is how the new model looks like:

I think Fody.PropertyChanged is great, it helps us get rid of those super-boring, error-prone property getters and setters but unfortunately does nothing about updating the Login command state. In fact this version of the model does not work correctly since the Login command never gets enabled. One way to fix this problem is by making the Login command state be more MVVM-y. To do that let's use MVVMCommand which is exactly like a normal Xamarin Forms Command except the second parameter has to be a lambda that returns the value of a property. Let's see how the fixed model looks:

Notice how in line 28 the state of the command becomes extracted to a property - IsLoginEnabled. The reason that is good is because it plays on the strength of Fody.PropertyChanged. Meaning that Fody.PropertyChanged sends out ProprtyChanged notifications about IsLoginEnabled whenever one of the properties it's value is based on changes. Now all MVVMCommand needs to do is listen for those notifications and do the updating of the enabled/disabled command state. It's actually pretty simple:

Testing this model now becomes really a rather simple and elegant exercise of changing properties and asserting on the value of other properties and no need to worry about bookkeeping regarding who update who.

Hope this makes sense, the source for a complete example is on GitHub.

BTW: Sorry for not providing a way to do comments, now actively working on it, I promise. Meanwhile please create an issue on the example and let's have the conversation over there ;)

Update: As promised I have a way to post comments, but it's somewhat I-am-too-smart-for-my-own-good so I guess I will have to write a post about that ;)

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