My name is Petar

This is where I write about the things I find interesting

Elements - visible, invisible and missing (part 1)

I am trying to get my first visual iteration of the blog and it is taking longer then I expect (which in itself was expected, sigh ...) so I thought while I am working on that I should first briefly note the visual elements, the concepts if you will, that I have included here and the ones I have not. My understanding of design is a big part of it is about making choices of what you offer and also what you do not offer, both parts on par in their importance.

For the accidental visitors of my blog I would like them to first and foremost notice the content and then may be if they are interested make it easy get a feeling for who the auther is (that would be me).

Content is a list of posts, each of which has a title, content and date of creation. That has to be the minimum with the obvious omission of comments. I mean I could have skipped date but I do find myself looking at the date of other people's posts so why shouldn't I do the same, right?
Comments are not here mostly due to not having a particularly clear idea how to add them to my statically hosted blog. I have a feeling they are coming soon though.

Author is the section where the visitor can get some feeling about the person writing those words. A picture and a name should be a good start. The name itself is a link to the very first post in this blog where I indulged myself in a bit more of an introduction of my character. Thought that level of intimacy should require the trouble of clicking a link ;)
GitHub and Twitter links to my accounts would reveal a bit more about me should the visitor feel compelled to find out more about yours truely.

I am pretty happy about my selection of elements, still it is definitely subject to change.

Next time - the invisible and all the things I did not add ...